Senin, 08 Juni 2009

Maui Taylor alleged photo scandal hits the net!!!

Former Viva Hot Babes member Maui Taylor, who recently finished a Culinary crash course, may not be as hit & hot as Katrina Halili these days, but the leaked scandal photos of herself on the net speak otherwise.

And that is, if she is really the one in the photos.

A very hot Maui Taylor lookalike is seen in a set of photos, about 10+ of them, which have been uploaded on one website early this month (but some of the photos were already posted in other websites even before the scandal of Katrina).

The photos are believed to be private moments of the girl inside a hotel, with a guy who was acting as the photographer.

Except for some pictures where the Maui lookalike was asleep, other photos show the girl gamely posing for the camera.

The girl who looks like Maui may not be seen in live action there unlike Katrina in Hayden Kho Jr. video collections, but those still photos showed the chick never left something for herself.

Check this sample photo:

Maui Taylor Scandal

Notice the girl's tattoo... some say it's not Maui because she doesn't have such butterfly tattoo on that part, but a picture of her for the promo of the 2008 movie Torotot shows she has the same replica of the butterfly tattoo:

Or maybe someone who looks like Maui has just copied her tattoo?

Those who believe that it's indeed Maui Taylor also believes that the guy who owns the lollipop in the scandal photos is her ex-boyfriend Bryan Revilla, also an occasional actor and oldest son of Senator Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr., who is the #1 defender of Katrina Halili on her case against Hayden Kho Jr.

In 2006, Maui admitted to Mo Twister on his radio program GoodTimes with DJ Mo at Magic 89.9, that she and Bryan indeed had a s-x video, but it's in the possession of Bryan and Maui was confident it wouldn't come because it's not in Bryan's character to leak the video of their intimate moments.

Shall we expect a Senate Hearing on this??

But as long as Maui does not admit those photos, this is not another Katrina-Hayden scandal which for some senators do not deserve a national attention.

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